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OSCommerce Solutions

OsCommerce is an open source software package that is based on a modular approach to Ecommerce. Thousands of users have based their stores on this reliable solutions based model that can also be highly customised. OsCommerce is the power behind hundreds of online stores that turn over millions of pounds a year.

OsCommerce provides powerful built-in functionality including: product catalogue, account management, secure Administrator's panel plus online tools and reporting features (See feature list here). In addition, there are hundreds of contributions to upgrade osCommerce or to make it compatible with third party accounting systems.

With our partners Holbi, we are able to make available a number of very powerful add-on modules for use with OSCommerce. They are compatible with any osCommerce version 2.2 MS2 or higher, including the recommended Holbi True Loaded Version:


Our OSCommerce solutions can be used with nearly all merchant account payment gateways (see list) as well as most major shipping agent gateways (see list). If you dont find your favoured supplier here, just call us and we'll see whether we can add support.

Another great innovation we have to offer is the Holbi Datalink range of add-on modules for OSCommerce. Datalink automaticaly syncronises your PC based accounting software with your online store; uploading all product and pricing information and downloading all order and shipment information. Now you can have full, error free control of your complete business process from one place, at one time and avoid all that unecessary re-keying and re-checking.

SystemCore will implement your new online from inception and design right through to going live. We will setup and test the connection to your merchant gateway accounts and shipping agents and even help you with your initial product data loading. We will also train your administrator in the ongoing use of the many powerful administration features and provide you with ongoing support.(See Training section)

Having got your store operational, you might also be iterested in talking with us about how best to promote your online business and how to get the worlds most popular search engines to work to your adantage. (See epromotion and SEO)

So, whether you've got an existing business that needs to trade over the internet, or if you have a ecommerce business plan that you want to materialise, talk to us now and discover just how easy it can be.

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Address and Postcode finder Module for osCommerce

In cooperation with Postcode Anywhere, creators of the leading web based address management software in the UK, Holbi provides a flexible and cost effective osCommerce solution to access UK and international databases, bank data, maps, lifestyle and geographic information. Third-party service fees may apply.

Address entry made instant and error-free

"...unnecessary form filling puts potential customers off buying and also increases the likelihood of loosing a sale..." (Global Data Management)

Successful businesses rely on quality data - their overall efficiency and profitability depend on it. However, the collection and maintenance of data is an ongoing challenge, particularly where an increasing amount of information is being provided by customers through osCommerce.

By having accurate contact data you can manage your business far more easily. It helps to build and develop relationships with your customers and allows you to analyse information that will give you a better feel for what makes them buy from you.

Holbi's Address and Postcode Finder module for osCommerce can help you to manage your contact data throughout its life cycle; from initial collection to its analysis and ongoing maintenance. Make the registration process easy and instant for your customers. Forget about mistyped addresses. Contact us in order to discuss how can Address and Postcode Finder for osCommerce improve your online store.

This module is only available for UK and USA online osCommerce stores at the moment.

Main features
  • Address and postcode finder
  • Reduces Errors
  • Saves Time
  • Minimises costs


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Address Doctor (anti-fraud) Module

This module can be used to validate customer addresses and fight the fraudulent online orders.

Fight the fraud by validating addresses

Address Doctor is the standard in global address management and is the prime service to avoid fraudulent orders by validating customer address information.

  • avoid mistakes in billing or shipping address
  • pick up full address by post code
  • manual or automatic address validation.

Results of the verification are made available in the Admin panel of osCommerce for each order and customer account. If an order has more than 1 address, all addresses can be individually validated. It should be noted that Address Doctor is a paid service, and verification fees may apply.

Especially for our UK customers we present an alternative solution based on the Royal Mail database of addresses (service fees applicable).

Contact us to make such features, as address validation, and address retrieval by post code available to your own customers.

Main features
  • Customer, billing, and shipping address verification
  • Automatic or manual verification is possible


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Antispam for osCommerce Module

With this module it is finally possible to stop some of the SPAM messages being sent through osCommerce Contact Us page.

Its time to get rid of some SPAM messages

Due to some issues discovered in the standard version of osCommerce, spammers and hackers can use your online store to send SPAM and electronic letters containing viruses to any email address. Even if the code is updated as suggested on the forums, you could start suffering from plenty of such emails cluttering your Inbox.

To protect customers and stop SPAM, Holbi developed its Anti-SPAM module for osCommerce.

Stop SPAM coming from your online store today by contacting us!

Main features
  • Fixes osCommerce contact us form, and stops some SPAM messages sent through it


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osCommerce Bundle (set) products Module

This module introduces bundles (sets of products) for osCommerce. Administrator of the web store can create bundles containing any number of products, and specify special bundle prices. Customers can purchase either bundles or individual products. The module improves online sale figures by selling more products at a time.

Selling bundles has never been easier

Selling several products in a bundle (or a set) is a time-proofed way to improve your online sales, and also free up the warehouse from the stuff you do not want to see there.

A bundle is a combination of products, having its own product information page, name, description, picture, and price.

If you want to gear up your online sales – run a special after-Christmas campaign. Whatever you sell online – your customers will enjoy the bundles! If you sell movies online – set a special discounted price on a bundle of Harry Potter (or James Bond! or Shrek!) DVDs, place a banner on your site's pages, and start receiving online orders for products you never thought you'd sell THAT well!

Bundles are created in the Admin panel of your osCommerce online store. A bundle, being a product itself, may contain any number of other elements of your product catalogue.

You do not have to, but may want to set a discounted price for a bundle product. Its real easy – the difference between the total price of products included into the bundle, and bundle's own price is the discount you want to give to your customers.

Users can buy bundles same way as other products. In the bundle product information page your osCommerce online store will list all products that are parts of the bundle. And vice versa - on the individual product's page the site will list all bundles the product is a part of.

Contact us today to gear up your sales by advertising bundle products on your osCommerce online store.

Main features
  • Bundles are created in the Admin panel using already existing products
  • Supports special bundle price, which can be higher or lower than the default price
  • Supports product / bundle cross-selling feature


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osCommerce Digital Content Protection Module

This module allows for secure selling of digital content (like photos and other images) online, and having the copyrights protected by applying watermark and copyright labels. The labels are applied automatically over the images. Subject to certain graphics libraries available on the web server.

Protect digital content

Selling digital content online, you may need to protect your copyrights. Any design, digital photo, and photos of your products are your intellectual property.

With our Digital Content Protection module for osCommerce we ensure that your copyright always appears on any digital image displayed on your web site. Now you can give customers bigger and better pictures with no worries.

You have full control over the font used for the copyright string, and its position on the image.

Just contact us to have this module integrated into your online store!

Main features
  • Protects digital images with copyright labels and watermarks


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osCommerce Inventory Module

The Inventory module allows for better stock tracking of products when there are multiple product variations (product attributes). It also allows for multiple variations of the same product to be purchased at one time by a customer.

Track sales better with The Inventory Module

For businesses where stock management is criticaly important not only regular products, but also tracking and maintaining stock of particular product variations can be even more important. Our Inventory module ensures every sale is tracked and that all the tracking information is available to you.

If your business sells apparel of different sizes and colours for example, then our Inventory module will track all the attributes of all the stock, for every combination of size and colour of dress and T-shirt.

It is easy to track stock figures instantly, as well as maintain them, in the Admin panel of your osCommerce online store. It is also possible to set an individual model number for any combination of attributes of a product. A picture can also be used to illustrate a specific product variation.

If a particular product has several variations available – visitors to your osCommerce online store can see them all listed on the base product's page. It becomes possible for your customers to purchase different quantities of several variations of the same product at the same time with only one mouse click!

Contact us today to improve stock management and make it easier for your customers to buy products of different size, and colour from your osCommerce online store.

Main features
  • Allows for definition of product variations in the Admin panel
  • Supports individual model number, image, and stock figures per a variation
  • Supports ordering or multiple variations at a time from the Product info page


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osCommerce Notify by FAX Module

With this module it is possible to send FAX messages directly from the Admin panel of your web store to your customers, in just the same way as you can send them a personalised email or order status change notification. Subject to eFax account availability.

Send FAXes easily from osCommerce

To address the need of business to contact customers by FAX, Holbi has developed its FAX module for osCommerce.

Whatever your need is, either to confirm an order by sending a FAX message back to your customer, to discuss a quote, or to send the customer a personal FAX message directly from your osCommerce Administration panel - use our FAX module!

Send either plain texts, or nicely formatted documents - we support PDF and Microsoft Word formats!

All you need is an account with and our FAX module for osCommerce.

Contact us today to learn more about how our FAX module for osCommerce can improve your communications with the customers.

Main features
  • Sends FAX messages (via eFax service) from osCommerce Admin panel


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osCommerce Post Sales Survey Module

This module allows you to send a customizable questionnaire to your customers automatically - after a certain period of time after the sale date. This way you can learn more about your customers' experience of your web site and their satisfaction with your products. You can plan better and improve the site to better address your customers exact needs.

Learn about your customer's experience

If you want to ask your customers about how satisfied they are with your products and services, if you need to hear their opinion on your delivery terms or their experience when dealing with your Customer Service line – go on, just ask them about it!

With the Post Sales Survey module for osCommerce, the administrator of an online shop can select customers to participate in various surveys and obtain their individual opinions about products and upcoming product ideas, the entire web site, etc.

Specify any number of questions within a survey. Add introductory text to the survey email and make sure that it looks professional. Then, specify the list of products (or categories or manufacturers) to be covered by the survey. Add filters by region so that the survey only reaches certain customers.

Want to know what your UK customers think about the latest "Wallace and Gromit" DVD they bought online from your web site? It has never been easier to ask them about it - just use our Post Sales Survey module!

When a customer places an online order, the web site updates its records of customers ready for a post sales survey. It ensures that both the customer and the product should match the survey conditions specified in the Admin panel of your osCommerce online store. The list of questions is then emailed to the customer some days after the purchase date. This is done automatically by the module, so no human interaction is required to operate the business process.

The module allows for multiple surveys to be run at any time. Results of the survey are sent to the Administration of the osCommerce online store.

Interested in this module? Contact us to inquire about how this module can be installed on your web site. Would you be also interested in the Polls module for your online store? Our TrueLoaded version of osCommerce has this feature built in.

Main features
  • Editable questionnaire
  • Configurable survey parameters
  • Customer responses are sent directly to the Administrator of the web site


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osCommerce Product Customization Module (PC Configurator)

This module provides your end customers with a unique means of assembling their own product by selecting from a number of options on the product info page. The administrator of the web site manages product options from the backend.

Increase your online sales by enhancing your osCommerce

For example, if you run an osCommerce-based computer store, this module makes it possible for your customers to assemble the PC of their dream, or customise one of the pre-created PC configurations. This module is good for any online store that sells complex configurable products.

Product configurations are managed from the Admin panel of the osCommerce online store. Existing products can be included into pre-built configurations as optional component parts. Besides physical products (like processor, RAM, HDD, DVD-ROM, etc) it is also possible to add virtual products (like extra warranty, support, insurance) to the order.

The Administrator of the online store can also create predefined configurations of products with variations - for example allowing selection between a 19” Sony or a Samsung monitor only for a particular PC configuration.

All customised products are fully supported by the Administration panel of the web site and by the core invoicing functions. At least two layout options are available.

Contact us to start selling customizable products to your customers.

Main features
  • Product templates are built in the Admin panel
  • Existing products from the catalogue used to create product template
  • One and the same template can be associated with several customizable products
  • Real-time price calculator changes product's price dependently on the customization chosen


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osCommerce Product Properties

This module allows you to describe a product using a set of property values from the Admin panel of the web store. Your users will see property values aligned nicely in the Product info page. Properties are grouped into categories and can be displayed on a separate tab of the Product info page.

Describe your products better

Enhance product descriptions with precise technical data - achieved easily with our Product Technical Data module for osCommerce!

Our module allows you to manage properties (technical data), assign properties to products, and specify individual property values for each product. For each value you can also specify an additional prefix and suffix, for example measurement units. This gives a clearer picture of your products to the users of your osCommerce online store. This feature has been especially appreciated by online buyers of home appliances, computers, TV centres, and other goods for home and office.

Assigned technical data is nicely displayed on the product info page. Design of the product info page can be improved by our Web design team if necessary.

Additional search facilities can be provided to the visitors of your osCommerce web site with our EXTRA module. Fine tune the search results by applying filters on technical data!

Contact us to enquire about how our osCommerce Product Properties module can help you to improve your osCommerce online store.

Main features
  • Links technical data to products, and displays on the Product information page
  • Allows for managing technical data in the Admin panel


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osCommerce Smart Search

This module improves relevancy of the standard osCommerce search function and ultimately improves online sales by providing customers with more accurate and more manageable search results.

Improve sales with more relevant search results

If your osCommerce online store has more than a few hundred products in the catalogue, your customers will actively use the Search feature to find the products they are for.

But will the search results be the most appropriate? Will your customers find the best match on the very first page of search results?

Holbi has developed the Smart Search module for osCommerce to make it possible to receive well sorted and relevant search results from large product catalogues. It improves the quality of the search function, and gives the visitors of your online store an opportunity to find their desired products more easily.

Just like popular internet search engines, Smart Search results are sorted by the number of matches between the keywords entered and product names, descriptions, and other text fields.

Even if your customer has mistyped the keyword, our Smart Search module for osCommerce will propose similar matches: Lets say a user was searching for all "Harry Potter" movies listed on a DVD selling web site. Our module would bring up the list of DVDs and posters even if the user typed "Hary Potter" or "Hary Poter".

Contact us today to improve the Search function of your osCommerce online store, and improve online sales!

Main features
  • Search results are sorted by relevancy and the number of occurrences of the keywords being searched
  • it is possible to use standard logical operations "AND", "OR", "NOT", etc.


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osCommerce Speed up (accelerator) service

Customers do not like to wait and often leave the web site if it's pages are slow. But the more sales the web site generates, the more products appear in the product catalogue - the bigger the database becomes, and the slower becomes the web site. In order to solve these issues and to speed up osCommerce web sites, Holbi introduces this completely new service for osCommerce. From as slow as 8 seconds per page down to only 0.3 seconds (based on a true sample)!

Speed up your osCommerce web site to increase sales.

Based on its very unique experience of creating or improving over 500 osCommerce online stores during the last 4.5 years, Holbi comes up with this osCommerce speed up service for its customers.

The service includes benchmarks, performance tests, optimisation of the database, queries optimisation, caching, and web site optimisation. In order to achieve the best results, a unique approach is developed for each individual customer, dependently on the current database (existing products, orders), and PHP files as well.

Holbi is so confident in its ability to make your osCommerce web site faster that it wont charge you a penny if "before" and "after" performance tests show the same figures.

Contact us today to have your osCommerce speed up, and your sales eventually increased!

Main features
  • osCommerce performance tests
  • osCommerce database optimisation
  • osCommerce PHP scripts optimisation
  • osCommerce DB queries optimisation


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osCommerce Wedding Registry Module

Run an online Wedding Registry based on your osCommerce site! Wedding couples can register and create their wedding lists and their guests can browse through the it and select gifts to be sent them.

Boost sales by hosting a wedding registry

Hosting a Wedding Registry online based on osCommerce becomes possible with our Wedding Registry module.

This module represents a signifiant extension of the standard osComerce script providing new features for wedding couples, guests and administrators. Couples can register and create their wedding lists based on the products available in the product catalogue. They can send invitations to their guests.

Couples can time log into their account at any time and update the list of gifts they'd like to receive for their wedding.

Guests can search through the wedding registry for upcoming weddings. Once the wedding of the couple is found, the guest can purchase any of the listed gifts, and also send a greeting message to the couple.

Administrators of the web site have a facility to run detailed reports based on the wedding lists and statictics of the gifts bought.

Contact us today to inquire about how your customers will benefit from having the Wedding Registry module integrated into your osCommerce online store.

Main features
  • Implements guests and wedding couples registration
  • Implements standard Ecommerce process for customers
  • Allows for creation of the wedding lists by couples
  • Supports invitation feature to bring guests to the site
  • Removes already purchased items from the wedding list
  • Implements a special report on all purchases from wedding lists in the Admin panel


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Product Technical Data EXTRA

This module allows you to describe a product with specially prepared technical data. The users of the online store will see technical data values aligned nicely in the Product info page. Technical data values can be grouped into categories and displayed on a separate tab of the Product info page. EXTRA function - it is possible to filter products by certain technical data values (marked as "filters" in the Admin panel of the web store). This fine-tunes the search function and gives more precise search results to the customers.

Describe your products better

Enhance product descriptions with precise technical data easily with our Product Technical Data module for osCommerce!

Our module allows you to manage properties (technical data), assign properties to products and specify individual property values for each product. Each property can be extended by prefix and suffix to store measurement unit information and make Product Technical Data easier to read. This enables you to provide more datailed information about your products. This is especially appreciated by the buyers of home appliances, computers, TV centres, and other goods for home and office.

Assigned technical data is neatly displayed on the product information page. Design of the product information page can be modified by our Web design team if required.

Additional search facilities can be provided to the visitors of your osCommerce web site with our Product Technical Data EXTRA module. Fine tune search results by applying property filters!

Contact us to inquire about how our Product Technical Data EXTRA module can help you to improve your osCommerce online store.

Main features
  • Allows for managing technical data in the Admin panel
  • Links technical data to products, and displays on the Product information page
  • Improves search function by implementing filters based on the technical data


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SEO for osCommerce
Is your site working for you?

With global online sales increasing every year, the internet has become a prime source of revenue for thousands of businesses. Competition is also very strong, and owners of Ecommerce web stores work hard to promote their products and services on the web. Over 60% of internet users discover new businesses and websites through Search Engines. This means on any given day, millions of search requests are being performed online. But what about your web site? Does your online turnover increase because more and more visitors search for the products you sell through Search Engines? Would you like to increase the number of customers brought to you direcly by the Search Engines?

Optimising your website for search engines, making it visible and easy to find, making it what is called "Search Engine Friendly", gets your web site higher listing in search results. Statistics say that a sale is often made on one of the very first web sites found in any search.

Online turnover increases on its own - up to 35%!

Put simply, our search engine optimisation module for osCommerce makes an online store noticeable to search engines. It simplifies navigation, and makes the whole process from finding a product in a search engine, to the last step of the checkout process easier for end users. We improve product and category URLs, modify META tags (such as keyword and descriptions), change page titles, and perform other optimisation routines. We also send you our recommendations as to how to improve certain parts of your web site to achieve better positioning in search engine results.

And yes, it is true - once we apply our SEO service for osCommerce, your online sales can increase by up to 35%.

Contact us now to have your osCommerce web site optimized for Search Engines.

Main features
  • Search engine friendly URLs for products and categories
  • META tags generated automatically
  • Momentary installation


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Affiliate EXTRA Module

The Affiliate module allows you to run a fully featured Sales Affiliate programme. Affiliates can register, and be approved by the Administrator of the web store. A special referral % is given to each affiliate. Linking materials (banners) can be made available for affiliates, and contain affiliate-specific URLs leading the end users to the web store. Extended reports are available to each Affiliate. Multi-tier affiliate programme supported. EXTRA feature : individual web site design can be associated with an Affiliate account. Orders are grouped by the Affiliate. Futher customisation of the Affiliate programme is possible depending on your specific requirements.

Let affiliates sell for you

The EXTRA module employs all features of the basic version, and extends them with a facility to apply affiliate-specific look and feel to the online store pages. This module comes with our True Loaded version only. You may want to order our True Loaded version - this not only provides you with the Affiliate EXTRA module installed, but also lots of other features already built-in. Check here for more details...

We integrate design templates for osCommerce, and associate each design template with one or several Affiliate accounts. This way you can provide your best-selling affiliates with their branded versions of your online store. Sharing one and the same product and order database, and the same backend, you will receive several frontends. With our Affiliate EXTRA module it also becomes possible to associate certain categories of products with certain front ends for marketing purposes. You can even have different domain names referring to different front ends (subject to the web server configuration).

Main features
  • Supports affiliate registration
  • Allows for managing affiliates in the Admin panel, and setting default commission % per affiliate
  • Allows for managing linking materials (banners) in the Admin panel
  • Runs a number of sales and turnover reports per each affiliate account
  • Supports multi-tier affiliate programme
  • Supports individual web store skin per affiliate account
  • Groups orders by affiliates


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Affiliate Module

The Affiliate module allows you to run a complete Sales Affiliate programme. Affiliates can register, and be approved by the Administrator of the web store. A special referral % is given to each affiliate. Linking materials (banners) can be made available for affiliates, and contain affiliate-dependant URLs back to the web site. Advanced reports are available to each Affiliate. Multi-tier affiliate programme supported.

Let affiliates do the sales for you

The Affiliate module for osCommerce increases traffic to the online store; ultimately, it increases online sales by allowing web masters of other web sites to advertise products and refer prospective customers to Your web store for a certain referral % of each sale.

A webmaster can apply for an affiliate account online. After that the application needs to be approved by the online store administrator. The Administrator also enters a certain referral %, which can be a unique number or the same number for all affiliates. After the account is activated, the affiliate can start bringing you more customers right away!

Multi-tier affiliate programme support is enabled in the module.

Besides sales reports an affiliate gains access to the selection of linking materials (banners). This list is managed by the administrator of the online store.

Main features
  • Supports affiliate registration
  • Allows for managing affiliates in the Admin panel, and setting default commission % per affiliate
  • Allows for managing linking materials (banners) in the Admin panel
  • Runs a number of sales and turnover reports per each affiliate account
  • Supports multi-tier affiliate programme


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Dropshipping Module for osCommerce

Attract dropshippers to place orders at your osCommerce online store and enter their customers delivery details.

Add dropshipping capabilities to increase online sales

With Holbi's Dropshipping Module for osCommerce you can allow dropshippers to register at your osCommerce online store, place orders, and enter their own customers delivery details directly on the Shipping Details page during the Checkout process.

Its possible to send one or several products to a particular address.

Shipping fee is based on the number of addresses entered, and products being sent to each particular address.

We also recommend our Quantity Discounts module for osCommerce, and Wholesale Module for osCommerce together with this module.

Main features
  • Dropshippers can order for their customers
  • Allows multiple addresses per one order
  • Respects multiple addresses when calculates shipping fee


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Email template Module

Provides full control and easy WYSIWYG-style editing of all standard email messages sent out through osCommerce.

Get complete control over emails

Get full control over what your osCommerce online store sends to your customers via email with our Email Template module!

Emails are sent when a customer registers, orders goods, when order status changes, and on many other occasions. If you want to send a special announcement to the newly registered customers, or some thankful words to recent buyers, or let them know about specifics of your delivery service - all you have to do with our module is to go to your osCommerce Administration panel and edit email templates in a easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

Yes, its true! With our module each and every standard osCommerce email template can be changed easily right in the Administration panel of the online store, without any need to modify numerous PHP files manually.

Have multiple languages installed? Its not a problem at all! Our Email template module supports any number of languages installed simultaneously.

Get in contact with us to order this module or inquire for more details!

Main features
  • WYSIWYG editor to manage email templates
  • All standard email notification templates supported
  • Plain text and HTML templates supported


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Fine branded HTML Email Service

Distinguishes your osCommerce online store by implementing good looking, professional HTML emails instead of the standard plain text ones.

Improve your store branding

Improve branding of your osCommerce online store by implementing fine branded HTML emails instead of plain text ones. With our module, each message, order confirmation email, order status change notification, and, of course, newsletter, can bare the look, feel and style of your web site brand. This gives you a unique opportunity to place your osCommerce web store into the inboxes of your customers!

Our designers will create HTML template for emails and newsletters based on your original design. And our developers will implement this template within your osCommerce store.

Even more can be done now! Promote your featured products with each email sent by your osCommerce web site! Administrator has full control over the list of featured products. Our osCommerce module can pick up products from the list and put them into any email message sent to your customers.

Contact us today to have your osCommerce web site's brand improved with our module!

Main features
  • Nicely design HTML emails are sent instead of plain text ones
  • Design matches design of your web site
  • Absolutely all emails are switched to HTML
  • Clickable featured products are displayed in the HTML email


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osCommerce B2B (Wholesale) System

This wholesale system supports different groups of customers. Each group can be given a unique default discount on products. You can manage product availability, and tax settings for each group from the Admin panel of the web store. A customer can be associated with any group, and therefore receive access to certain products only, and discounts associated with that group. Separate front-end and registration pages can be implemented for members of the Wholesale customer group.

Add B2B capabilities with our Wholesale system

Has your business grown up enough to have won resellers of your products? Is your business model doing well with special discounts, and specific shipping terms you'd like to have enabled for certain customers, whilst unavailable to the others? Our B2B (wholesale) module for osCommerce can turn your online store into a successfully operating B2B and B2C ecommerce portal!

We add a separate front-end for wholesale customers. This makes special offers and deals available to your B2B customers only. Shipping and payment terms, product and business information, prices and product availability – all this can be customized and made available only to certain groups of customers via the B2B module for osCommerce.

In the Admin panel of your osCommerce online store you can manage customer groups. It is possible to associate a customer with any group. A group of customers has default settings (like default discount %, tax class, availability of shipping and payment terms, etc) that are applicable to accounts of all group members. For each product you can now set its special price for each customer group OR use our automatic price re-calculation feature.

Even more is available with our module – you can ask your new B2B customers to apply for a login first before they can actually get access to the product catalogue and checkout procedure. This way you pre-screen your new B2B customers easily before they are allowed to start placing orders online.

All orders are stored in the same database and you have access to them from your usual osCommerce Admin panel. It becomes possible to filter orders by customer group for better reporting and easier order management.

Contact us today to inquire for more details about our B2B module for osCommerce. We have a demo of the module available on one of our web sites.

Main features
  • Supports multiple customer groups
  • Per each customer group supports default discount, tax settings, price availability
  • It is possible to set individual product price and product availability per each customer group individually
  • Supports individual front-ends per customer group
  • For EC web stores fully supports VAT and VAT exempt logic


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osCommerce Easy Checkout Module

The module simplifies the standard osCommerce multiple-page checkout procedure by combining all steps of the checkout process in one and the same page. Full support for login, registration, shipping and payment methods is enabled. The Easy Checkout method has proved to increase the number of sales.

Ease customer checkout experience

It has been proven by many researches that complex checkout procedure may confuse the customer, and the customer may cancel the order just one step before its been placed.

We have developed this module to make sure that the checkout process as easy as possible for buyers - a one page checkout. The standard osCommerce checkout process has a four page checkout whereas our Easy Checkout module for osCommerce simplifies and improves this to only one page!

With our module installed you get fewer confused customers and a more successfully completed orders. Your help line staff will also be thankful!

This module allows gathering the following together, elegantly, on a single page:

  • existing customer login / new customer registration facility
  • shipping address and method selection
  • billing address and method selection
  • gift voucher / coupon feature (if installed)
  • terms and conditions text box

Contact us today to make your osCommerce online store checkout process straight and easy for your customers.

Main features
  • Simplifies standard checkout procedure by combining all its elements on one and the same page
  • Supports login and registration facilities
  • Fully supports all standard shipping and payment methods


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osCommerce External Shopping Cart Module

The External shopping cart module can be used to enhance literally any web site with Ecommerce functionality. It can evenm be hosted by a separate web server. Integration with the main web site is quick and straight-forward.

Ecommerce enable any web site by adding an External shopping cart

Do you have a web site that you're absolutely happy with, that promotes your products effectively in the Internet but to which you'd like to add shopping cart capabilities? Then our External Shopping Card module for osCommerce is the answer!

Your new osCommerce online store can be easily integrated into any static HTML or CMS-based web site.

One of the main features of the External Shopping Cart Module is its ability to save Shopping Cart contents whilst the user switches from the main site to osCommerce online store and back again (subject to cookies being enabled on the customer's computer). The user has a choice of either going back to the original web site, continuing sales locally, or completing the order. This is achieved by calling a special URL from your main web site.

We will also integrate the design of your main site with your new osCommerce online store.

Contact us today to add Ecommerce features to your web site!

Main features
  • Full Ecommerce functionality support
  • Can be integrated with literally any web site
  • Supports "back to the main site" feature, and preserves contents of the shopping cart in the mean time


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osCommerce Marketing Newsletter Module

With this module you will be able to split customers into virtual groups - based on recent purchases, region and other parameters - and send customised newsletters to each group.

Take full control over the newsletter functionality

How would you like to send a promotional offer to all your European customers, for example, who bought certain product last month from your web site? In order to address this and similar needs we have developed The Marketing Newsletter module for osCommerce.

Now store owners can easily reach their customers with targetted newsletters, special offers, and market research.

The module enables you to define certain groups of customers from the Admin panel of the web site. This can be customers who bought this or that product, who completed their purchase during the last month or two, who only registered but never bought anything yet, or those who have certain product added to the shopping cart, etc. Its also possible to filter customers by geographical region.

Then, prepare a special newsletter and send it only to the selected target customers. The newsletter can contain links back to the web site and you can add newsletter-specific tracking code to each link. When a customer clicks the link and eventually makes an order the tracking information os matchedto the corresponding marketing newsletter (campaign). Reports are available from the Admin panel.

Order this module with our HTML Email service and get a good discount on both! Contact us today to inquire for more information about this great offer!

Main features
  • Splits customers into groups
  • Implements filters by order history, region, etc


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osCommerce Marketing Prices Module

Enables you to always display 'attractive looking' marketing prices (like £29.95 or £49.99) - independent of the current exchange rate, if your osCommerce supports multiple currencies. With this module it becomes possible to set different prices in different currencies easily.

Improve your sales with marketing prices

If your osCommerce online store is configured to support multiple currencies, this module is for you. Make your product prices 'look' attractive to all your customers worldwide.

If you sell a kettle for £19.95 in the UK, for exaple, and want to please your French customers with a nice looking price, say of ˆ29.95 instead of ˆ30.12 - wouldn't it be a nice idea to set the price in sterling and the price in Euro's separately from one another for the same product?

Marketing Prices module for osCommerce is a perfect solution for those online stores that sell their goods abroad as well as nationwide. In such cases this module can help to specify marketing prices per each currency supported by the web site, overriding the default osCommerce currency conversion rules and rates.

Contact us to inquire about how our Marketing Prices module for osCommerce can be integrated with your web site.

Main features
  • Product price can be set in multiple currencies at a time per each product
  • It is still possible to use standard currency exchange rates for certain products


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osCommerce Wishlist and Quotes Module

The Wishlist and Quotes module allows you to create quotations based on the contents of your customer's shopping carts. The administrator can alter the quote, add more products and change prices. The customer is then allowed to complete their order based on the modified quote.

Add a personal touch to each sale

Do some of your customers require custom quotes to be created at their request? Do you want to have your osCommerce online store receiving not only orders for standard products, but also requests for custom quotes? Do you want to edit quotes in the Admin panel of the site and send them back to custome? If you answer "yes" on all three questions – then our Wishlist and Quotes module for osCommerce is needed right now by you and your customers.

This module is extremely useful for online stores that maintain individual prices for special customers, or have a highly customised discount structure based on the number and type of products purchased. In this case customers have two facilities: to complete an order, or to complete a Request For Quote. The latter is processed by the Administrators of the online shop manually.

Behind the scenes, the following logic is implemented: Customers log into their accounts to manage wish lists add products to them. A quote can be created based on the contents of the wish list. The quote is generated as a PDF file (so that the customer can print and FAX it) and is sent to the Administrator of the online store by email. It also automatically appears on a special report in the Admin panel of the online store.

You might also want to look at our eFax solution if you need to fax quotes to your customers (subject to eFax service fee);

Administrators can browse through the requests for quotation, add/delete/modify products and/or prices before completing the orders based on them.

Once a quote is saved as an order from the Administration panel of the web site, it works as a regular order and also becomes available in the Order History page.

Contact us to inquire about how our our Wishlist and Quote module for osCommerce can help you to increase online sales.

Main features
  • Supports wish list with all functionalities of the shopping cart
  • Wish list can be saved as a quote and sent to the Administrator
  • Administrator can alter the quote, and email back to the customer before the quote is ready
  • Once the quote is altered and agreed by both the customer and the Administrator of the web store, allows for order completion based on the quote


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Referral and Sales Statistics Module
Get real-time sales statistics

Help your business to identify the best referring web sites and the most effective advertising campaigns by utilising our Referral and Sales Statistics module for osCommerce. If you run pay-per-click campaigns in Google, Overture, Yahoo, Lycos, MSN – our special Referral statistics report will help you to identify the most "order-making" and the most "visitor-making" keyword combinations ever used to find your osCommerce online store in the top search engines.

Our module also produces two reports tracking sales statistics over a specified period. Watch your daily, monthly, and yearly sales statistics. Net, tax, shipping and other filters applicable. See an easy-to-read report on your osCommerce sales figures and watch the dynamic of sales as diagrams.

Main features
  • Collects sales statistics in real time
  • Date filters applicable
  • Order total parts (like sub-total, tax, shipping, etc) can be seen separately
  • Displays referral statistics of clicks and purchases per a referral, also calculates average purchase amount per referral
  • Displays statistics of clicks and purchases per a keyword per referral


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Payment Gateways
Instant, easy, secure

Accepting payments on-line and off-line has never been easier with osCommerce.

We have specially developed many payment processing modules for osCommerce, compatible with the most popular payment processing gateways.

If you can’t find the module you are looking for in the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote for the development of the module you require.

We present the following payment processing modules:

  • 2CheckOut
  • Authorize.Net
  • BOFA (Bank of America)
  • Check/Money Order
  • ChronoPay
  • Credit and Debit Card Bibit
  • Credit Card (La Caixa)
  • Credit Card (Paybox)
  • Credit Card via Payflow Pro with Authentication
  • Credit Card with CVV checking
  • Credit or Debit Card (ePDQ)
  • e-Prompt
  • EFSNet
  • FIRSTGATE click&buy
  • Google Checkout
  • HSBC CPI gateway
  • Invoice
  • iPayment
  • LinkPoint Card Service International
  • MoneyBookers
  • Online Secure Credit Card (Payflow)
  • osCommerce Moneris VBV
  • Paymate
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Direct Payment & Express Checkout
  • PayPal IPN
  • Protx Direct
  • PSiGate
  • QPay payment gateway
  • SECPay
  • SECPay Plus
  • SECPay with 3D secure
  • Secure Credit Card Payment (WorldPay)
  • Western Union
  • WireCard virtual MasterCard




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Shipping Gateways

SystemCore can also set up this Holbi TrueLoaded osCommerce contribution on your web site, fully tested and configured.

If you can’t find the module you are looking for in the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote for the development of the module you require.

  • Airborne Express
  • Australian Shipping
  • Chronopost Zone Rates
  • DHL Austria
  • Express Post Shipping
  • Federal Express
  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • German Logistics Systems
  • German Post
  • Int. Parcel Post - AIR
  • Int. Parcel Post - Economy
  • Int. Parcel Post - SEA
  • ParcelForce
  • Per Item
  • Percent Shipping
  • Shipping Method (UK)
  • Table Rate
  • The Swiss Post
  • United Parcel Service
  • United States Postal Service
  • Zone Rates




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OSCommerce Holbi True Loaded - Feature Summary

The Holbi True Loaded version of OSCommerce has many new, improved and fixed features compared to standard OSCommerce. These include:

  • Fully featured and highly configurable front-end store-front, product cartalogue, basket and check-out
  • Powerful administration back-end covering stock and price management, store configuration, user configuration, sales order processing and more
  • Features can be extended and enhanced with any of our powerful add-on modules
  • Capable of almost infinite configuration and integration with external systems and site and content structures
  • User-friendly stylish design and hundreds of design templates to chose from
  • Permission-based access system
  • View all product catalogue page
  • Two style (column /row view) product listing
  • Gift Voucher / Discount Coupons contribution system
  • Easy to manage Main page contents
  • SaleMaker contribution system
  • Specials on the Main page by Default Feature
  • Multiple images per product
  • Wish List functionality available
  • Attribute Management system
  • Integrated Design templates
  • Download Controller Feature
  • Easy import / export feature
  • Create new / edit orders feature
  • Information Box Feature
  • Meta Tag Controller / Generator
  • Print order / invoice branded with store logo
  • Who's Online feature
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor for product, category, and text editing - with FireFox support
  • FAQ Desk
  • News Desk
  • Banner-ad-in-a-box
  • Shop by Price filter
  • Links Feature




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DataLink Modules
Accounting Integration
Optimise your business processes!

With our osCommerce Connectors you can easily manage your store and your online orders at the same time. Fully synchronise your accounting, customer management and stock control.

Save time on your routine tasks, and invest more time in your business!

You can save up to 20% of your time usually spent on order processing to reinvest in your business, or to treat yourself. Let osCommerce Connector take over the routine tasks. No errors and no mistyping when:

  • importing online order data
  • importing customer data

osCommerce Connector for Sage Line 50 can be installed on any computer where ERP software is already installed. Through a straight-forward configuration process the software connects to the ERP system, and your osCommerce online store. Once the Connector is started, your data is synchronised automatically. There is no longer a need to be present at your computer or to manually add your online orders to Sage!

Manage only ONE product catalogue!

Now your product catalogue, product statuses, and stock figures can be managed from one and the same place.

osCommerce Connector fully supports synchronisation of the following product properties:

  • model number and product name
  • product description and image
  • product price and stock figure

Simply contact us to have your business synchronised!

Datalink modules curently exist to support the following PC accounts packages:

  • osCommerce Connector for Sage Line 50
  • osCommerce Connector for Mamut
  • osCommerce Connector for MYOB
  • osCommerce Account and ERP Connector - a generic XML based adaptor, suitable for specific reconfiguration

Full connection between PC Accounting Software and osCommerce: Benefit from fully automated time-saving technology. Download error-free customer accounts, orders, and invoices from osCommerce, and import them directly into your PC acocunting package! Manage a single product catalogue on the PC and have any pricing, stock, or other changes uploaded to your online shop automatically!

The coverage of Datalink products is constantly being extended to support alternative accounting software. If you are using a different package to any of those above, please contact us to find out whether we already have a version in development that would suite your particular application.