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August 2015

The Border Practice - NHS Medical Centre

The Border Practice - NHS Medical Centre


Another new site went live this month. The Border Practice, is a busy NHS Medical Centre in Hampshire, who needed a complete website update and a design make over. Their new website includes a fully repsonsive layout, a WordPress Content Management System behind the scenes, and SHA256/TLS security over the whole site. They were a great management team to work with, and they are delighted with their new site.



July 2015

Wild Things Records



This month saw WildThingsRecords, one of our oldest customers, launch their new website. It features previews of all of their music as well as digital media sales. The site was designed and built by Alex Diplock (a.k.a. 'EVP') using WordPress. Alex is also one of the founders and key DJs behind the label. A talented chap, and SystemCore are proud to have helped the project, and we continue to host the record label's website.



June 2015

A Quintet of Campaigns - MLG

MLG campaigns detail


Very happy to have worked again with Medialab on a series of online campaigns. Our work covered all aspects of campaign assistance: graphic design, animation, responsive HTML/CSS/JS codeup, tracking and integration. For clients: American Express, Shelter, D-Link, Mothercare and Alzheimers Society.



June 2015

Science for Children - WissPopBang Magazine

WissPopBang Magazine


Pleased to help launch Whizz Pop Bang magazine and inspire budding young scientists everywhere. Please pledge your support via Kickstarter:



February 2015

PalMedUK - Multi-Lingual


SystemCore were happy to extend our charitable work this month with the completion of a new website for PALMEDUK.ORG.

PalMed are a Europe wide charity that supports Palestinian healthcare facilities and establishes partnership arrangements between UK academic and medical institutions, and those in Palestine. Their work and volunteer surgeons, improve medical services for the people of Palestine. Palestine has a profoundly challenged heath-care system and we were happy to help with the design and build of the new multi-lingual PalMed UK website.



November 2014

A Tangled Web of Cloud Email

Google Apps Migration - A tangled web of cloud email


Some relief this month to have successfully completed another migration project for a new customer to Google Apps for Business; and a project that presented some new challenges we had not experienced in previous cloud migration projects.

Our client, involved in product development, supply chain and logistics for the automotive industry, presented with a veritable mix of legacy email apps and failing service providers. Almost every variant in the book in fact; PC’s running old and unstable copies of Outlook 2003, Macs running out of date copies of Entourage, 32 bit & 64 bit OS’s, Outlook ‘Click to Run’ versions, you name it, everyone was different, and some had already experienced email app crashes.

Similarly, there was no internal back up policy, and every user had tens of thousands of emails to back up AND migrate to a new cloud based system, that would work in tandem with their various local email clients. (Once the latter were all updated of course).

Google Apps was still the clear choice in our view (most staff were native (not MS Office) MAC users anyway), notwithstanding our own experience of Microsoft products verses Google’s offerings for business users. More on this later.

For those about to embark on something similar, here is a hit list of issues (and some solutions), you WILL face when migrating businesses to Google Apps.


Don’t rely on Google’s Sync Tools!

Google’s ‘Synch & Migration’ Tools for Outlook used to be great - they worked straight off the bat, integrating with Outlook in a jiffy and providing ongoing synchronisation of mail and contacts. However, beware; newer versions of Outlook are now predominantly what are termed ‘Click to Run’ applications, i.e. they are not the traditional ‘MSI’ (Microsoft Installer) versions. And the Google Sync & Migration tools no longer work with these versions. Great. Goodness knows Google would do themselves (and many potential new customers) a huge favour if they were to update these tools, but alas; if you're running Outlook as ‘Click to Run’ - you’re stuffed.

Email migration is still do-able, but you will have to perform rather more hand cranked email migrations using the IMAP protocol (well supported in Google Mail) - this process can be slow and painfull, as IMAP folders slowly synch up, but mostly do-able.

BUT there is another BIG problem you may well encounter. Specifically...


Outlook 2013 is simply horrible - and technically flawed

IMAP support in Outlook 2013 is shaky at best - in fact we were gob-smacked by the endless forum entries and Microsoft support requests from users, pulling their hair out trying to get Outlook 2013 to play nicely with IMAP mailboxes. God knows Microsoft are aware of these issues - the complaints go back a year or more - but it does seem that the latest outing for their flagship email client is pretty universally hated, with misgivings extending to the whole interface and user experience, let alone its technical shortcomings. In our view (and a view shared by so many), Outlook 2013 is a rushed and substandard product. Not properly supporting IMAP - shocking and bloody shoddy! ...and I won’t even go into the huge Windows 8 debacle.

Conversely, the older Outlook 2010 does not seem to suffer these issues, and indeed we’ve read stories of whole enterprises downgrading their email app deployments back to Outlook 2010, just to get productive again. Shame on you, Microsoft.


But Thunderbird can be a lifesaver!

So bad was the IMAP behaviour of Outlook 2013, (it would synch up, but not down!), we ended up installing Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning Calendar add-on as a complete alternative for one user. Thunderbird worked perfectly.

Note: If you use Thunderbird, you can still bi-directionally synch your Lightenning calendar and your Contacts with Google Apps using: ‘Provider’ ( and ‘gContactSync’ (


Ongoing Sync for Outlook is still do-able

For those users sticking with Outlook, you will need a further tool for the ongoing synchonisation of Calendar events, Contacts and Tasks. The ‘gSynchit’ tool worked well for us (avialable for 32bit and 64 bit versions of Outlook 2010 or 2013):

( Most importantly, the gSynchit tool also works for ‘Click to Run’ versions of Outlook.


Mac users will continue to be a little smug

To be fair, the MAC users (running native MacMail) had few problems; save for patiently waiting for their local folders to synch up. Well, once we’d got them off ten year old copies of Entourage.

Migration and ongoing syncing of Calendar items and Contacts was achieved painlessly given that Google supports the ‘CardDAV’ protocol for contacts and ‘CalDAV’ for (iCal) Calendar items.


What have we learned from all of this?

Google Apps for Business is still a good set of cloud products, pretty performant and pretty good value to the small to medium sized business owner. It’s highly featured, pretty secure and allows for decent collaborative and version controlled document and sharing environments. But Google themselves are rather hanging Outlook users out to dry with the lack of updates for their own migration & sync tools. Face it Google: many business users are still, and will continue to be wedded to Outlook, and should be better supported in our view - the third party sync tools mentioned earlier are quite able to work with the dreaded Outlook ‘Click to run’ installations, so Google’s tools are well over due an update here.

Outlook 2013 - well, what’s to say - a pretty disgraceful product in our view with demonstrably unstable support for IMAP mailbox protocols. No doubt Outlook 2013 (together with its silly and inefficient ribbon), has driven thousands of users away.

Even though we’ve been Linux & Ubuntu fan boys for years now, we actually used to like Outlook in the old days, but now we simply hope that it dies out as an email client.

And a final bit of advice; if you’re running Outlook 2010, don’t upgrade! Outlook should be renamed ‘Look-Out’!

Funny how this piece, intended to focus on the subject of a Google Apps for Business solution, has ended up as another rant against Microsoft.



September 2014

AstroCamp - A Teckie Holiday in Wales

A fantastic short break in Wales this month, and a visit to AstroCamp. A superb event, full of friendly astronomers under very dark skies in the Brecon Beacons. A helpful bunch too thankfully, as we got to grips with the 8inch reflector and our posh camera. From bumbling novices on the first night we were aligned and taking astro photographs in no time.

Our initial efforts to capture the Andromeda Galaxy (a staggering 2.5 million light years away), are posted below, together with a photo of our own astronomy HQ. At times you think you're staring up at thin cloud cover, turns out to be the plane of the Milky Way itself!

Next year's AstroCamp is already in the diary.

Andromeda - AstroCamp 2014
Andromeda Galaxy M31 (+ M110 companion galaxy) | Distance: ~2.5 million light years | Brecon Beacons AstroCamp 21st Sept 2014 SkyWatcher 8inch Reflector | Canon EOS 1000D (IR Cut modded) @ Prime Focus | 30 x 30s stacked exposures | ISO800
AstroCamp 2014



August 2014

A Security & Surveillance Solution


An interesting request this month from one of our oldest London based clients. Their requirement was for an office based wireless surveillance system, but one that was not dependent upon on-site hardware disk storage. Additionally, remote viewing via mobile devices, together with automatic event triggering (and recording) was important to protect the office around the clock.

Surveillance systems are not generally part of our core business, (we are normally locking down web-servers from intrusion), but we were happy to research, install and configure a system. Our installation also featured passive infra-red night vision and motion detection with audio, with instant 'Event Notifications' sent to the business owner; and of course with any suspicious activity automatically and safely recorded off-site to cloud storage.



August 2014

stylechapel - new design, new features and collections to covet


Brighton based business and long term customer stylechapel, offer an eclectic mix of jewellery, accessories and homewares that are off-beat or a bit out of the ordinary. We have just relaunched their website with a host of changes: front-end redesign; new categories; new filters; full Google ecommerce tracking and other enhancements. We think the site looks great and is a great new shop window through which to promote stylechapel's new ranges..

As ever, it was great to work with Raphael Chapell, owner and 'chief stylista' at stylechapel.



July 2014

Sir John Cass's Foundation

The Sir John Cass Foundation is one of London's oldest and largest education charities. Founded in 1748, it supports education for young people in London through its grant programmes for individuals, schools and organisations, and its support for a number of institutions bearing Sir John Cass's name.

We were delighted to win the bid to re-design and deliver the Foundation's new website, including original graphic design, a plan to meeting its fundraising objectives, WordPress CMS web build, hosting and Mailchimp newsletter integration.

It was a pleasure to work with the Foundation and we're delighted that they are pleased with the new site.



July 2014

LilacBlue - Europe's premier Hermes provider

Lilac Blue source and supply some of the most exclusive handbags in the world, the Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly - and for some of the world's most exclusive clients. Their new website, designed and built by us, allows them to promote their business securely online, and via their Mayfair offices. Strictly by appointment only.



March 2014

MediaLab Group - Data Driven Media


Delighted to help MediaLab with their site re-design, brand refresh, and a migration onto one of our newer faster 100mbps servers.

MediaLab are an industry leading media planning agency, and currently manage the largest direct response media portfolio in the UK, across postal, email and SMS data and third party Inserts - reaching over 23 million consumers.



February 2014

The GMA - ‘Direct Margarita International’ - London Branch - Party

The GMA - Direct Margarita Party 2014 - London Branch

Another good evening at this year's Direct Margarita International Party at the Atlas pub in London, organised by The Global Marketing Alliance, whom we continue to proudly support and host. The Direct Margarita International party is held in advance of the TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) event at Earl's Cout, at which the GMA also host a networking and lounge area for delegates. The GMA touch down and meeting area for members is provided by Matt Edgar, (head of the GMA and Direct Marketing International).

Thanks for another fine evening Matt- trust you had a good show.



December 2013

Cella Energy - Clean, Safe, Low Cost Energy

Cella Energy Ltd

Based at the The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), Cella Energy is an advanced materials and technologies company specialising in safe, low-cost hydrogen storage technology. Cella’s long term goal is to produce a new source of low-emission transport fuel whose ease of use and cost is competitive with fossil fuels.

This is a tremendously exciting field, and it was great to work with Professor Steve Bennington and his team on the design and marketing of their new website. Our work principally involved graphic design, technical build, server hosting and training on the WordPress CMS platform.



November 2013

Haslemere Clinic - Osteopathy, Chiropracty & a WordPress core

The Haslemere Clinic

Very pleased to have been able to help out The Haslemere Osteopathy Clinic this month, with a complete migration of their website to the WordPress CMS platform. The clinic now have all their content and media, including their new YouTube channel videos, under their control. It’s testament to the usability of WordPress, that after a single short training session they were editing away, creating their own clinic blog and constructing custom menus.



October 2013

Save the Children - ’Happy Homemade Halloween’

Happy Homemade Halloween Guide

Together with our marketing partners MediaLab, and as part of a Save the Children UK fundraising campaign, ’The Happy Homemade Halloween Guide’ is a fun guide to making all sorts of goulish treats and decorations at home - for parents and children. SystemCore successfully delivered on original graphic desgn, email communications design and cross browser data capture; together with secure response tracking and reporting.



October 2013

Modern Toss - ’Periodic Table of Swearing’

Periodic Table of Swearing

As long time fans of Modern Toss, (and the two television series first broadcast on Channel 4 television), we were delighted to work with Jon Link recently to bring the genius creation of the Periodic Table of Swearing to a browser near you. Our work included cross browser, cross device HTML & Javascript Audio. A word of warning: the Periodic Table of Swearing contains audio of the most foul examples of the Anglo Saxon language. A thousand and one uses. It is however, simply brilliant, and the chaps at Modern Toss were great to work with.



August 2013

ageUK - ’Improving Later Life’ guide & UK Campaign

ageUK Improving Later Life Guide

A further campaign was successfully designed and delivered for MediaLab, to support ageUK’s UK campaign for staying healthy in later life.

Our work included original graphic design, email communications design and cross browser data capture; together with secure response tracking and reporting.



July 2013

SystemCore - Official supporters of Ubuntu & technology convergence

Ubuntu Edge PC Mobile Convergence

SystemCore are proud to now officially support the move towards convergent tech in the form of ’Ubuntu Edge’. This is a project being developed by Canonical to produce the first truly convergent device, fusing a high performance mobile phone seamlessly with the Ubuntu desktop environment when ’docked’. In other words ... your phone IS your PC.

We love the way this technology is moving, and we are long time fans, and day to day users and developers of the free Ubuntu Operating System, for both desktop computing and webservers.

Individuals and companies can pledge their own money towards the record breaking crowd funding campaign here:



June 2013

Britsh Heart Foundation - Free Guide & UK Awareness Campaign

Britsih Heart Foundation campaign

Together with MediaLab, we have completed a further project, this time for the British Heart Foundation UK awareness campaign. The campaign features a free guide and the option to donate to the charity directly, via a text donation.

Our work included original graphic design, email communications design and cross browser coding; together with secure response tracking and reporting.



May 2013

Alzheimer’s Research UK - Guide book & Awareness Campaign

Alzheimer’s Research UK     Alzheimer’s Research UK

Together with MediaLab, we are very pleased to have completed work on the recent Alzheimer’s Research UK awareness campaign.

Our work included original graphic design, email communications design and cross browser coding; together with secure response tracking and reporting.



April 2013

Out and About with Little Ones - KiddingAround

KiddingAround     KiddingAround

Another new project goes live - this time for start up company, Their new mobile friendly site aims to bring together information for parents with children who are looking for not only great places to visit, but also a clear idea of child friendly facilities that are available at any given venue. Their new website features a rolling blog, a data driven directory of businesses and venues, and a clean responsive design. Great working with you guys, we wish you well. Visit:



April 2013

Rapid delivery and responsive coding for Young Kato's single release

Kato     Kato

Working against the clock and with a requirement for responsive behavior and HTML5 validation, we were very pleased to see YoungKato's website go live. Working with partners SteadyGo, and their clients in the music industry, the tactical announcement for the band's forthcoming new single went live, on time and on budget. The build also included a customised jQuery slider, social network integration and Google Analytics.



March 2013

A further trio of campaigns, cross client coding & tracking

Jamie Oliver     Canal and River Trust     Money Week

Together with MediaLab, we were very happy to work on another trio of 2013 campaigns.

Our work included cross email client and cross browser code up, with secure response tracking for Jamie Oliver, the Canal and River Trust and Money Week magazine.



February 2013

The GMA - Direct Margarita International Party - London

The GMA - London Margarita Party 2013

SystemCore were again happy to attend this year's Direct Margarita International Party in London, organised by The Global Marketing Alliance, whom we proudly support and host. The annual party is held in advance of the TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) event at Earl's Cout, at which the GMA also host a networking and lounge area for delegates. This dead handy touch down and meeting area for GMA members is provided by Matt Edgar, (head of the GMA and Direct Marketing International). Thanks for a damn fine evening Matt - hope you had a good show.



January 2013

Secure hosting and datacapture for MediaLab and Investors Chronicle

Investors Chronicle     Investors Chronicle

Running from a SystemCore managed MediaLab server, we're pleased to see the Investors Chronicle's January campaign up and running. The campaign includes hosting, data capture and tracking under secure 256-bit SSL.




December 2012

Shelter's Christmas Appeal on behalf of Britain's homeless children

Shelter     Shelter     Shelter

Together with MediaLab, we were very happy to work on this year's Shelter Christmas Appeal on behalf of Britain's homeless children.

The campaign was a powerful awareness, and most importantly, a fundraising effort across multiple delivery channels. This required some complex data capture, logging and tracking work to ensure that successful donations could be made directly via the recipients' mobile phones, and over the web. Robust tracking and reporting was also essential for the campaign to be accurately measured.

We are delighted that the campign was a success and raised significant sums for the work that Shelter do on behalf of Britain's homeless.



Novemebr 2012

Google Apps ...and a move to the cloud for Anderson Harvy

Google Apps & Anderson Harvy

Anderson Harvy (AH) ...are a specialist technical provider to the telecoms industry, providing network routing analysis and data services to the chief UK and international mobile operators.

We got a call from AH with a request to plan and manage the migration of all their business activities over to Google Apps from legacy systems (including Office365), with attendant backups, installs, DNS, A/MX and CNAME configurations, mobile devices and training. The project went very smoothly given what we thought at first to be only cursory documentation by Google about such migrations. Dig deeper however and Google have done a pretty good documentation job - some of it's not immediately accessible but it's all there, and the responsiveness of Google's servers and storage speeds continues to impress.

Of note here were Google's migration and synchronisation tools for Outlook, which worked pretty much flawlessly - and better (and faster) than other plugins I've seen for Outlook, written by Microsoft themselves.

To have successfully completed our largest Google Apps project to date is a great positive, and adds to our experience and expertise in this service area.


October 2012

MediaLab - cross client coding and a trio of campaigns


MediaLab Group ...are one of the UK's leading direct marketing and media agencies, providing a complete range of fully integrated direct marketing services, targeted direct marketing promotions, data and fulfilment solutions, marketing campaign planning and direct media planning.

MediaLab Group are one of our oldest customers with whom we have now completed a trio of high profile, time critical, charity sector campaigns for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the RSPCA and the Prince's Trust Institute. SystemCore's work focussed on the technical aspects of data capture and campaign tracking, cross client / cross browser coding, and staging server broadcast tests for each campaign.




September 2012

saSafari - Personalised Tours in Southern Africa

saSafari     saSafari

saSafari goes live! ...the leading company for the creation of personalised itineraries in Southern Africa are now live with their new webiste. The site features multiple languages, French and English (using WPML), with a WordPress backend, original graphic design, Google Maps API integration, extensive galleries and a live Skype mini switchboard feature.


January 2012

It's Our List - Online Wedding Gift List Service


Another new ECS ecommerce site goes live!

It's Our List ...the leading independent online wedding gift list and engagement gift list service. It's Our List offer the ultimate wedding gift list and wedding presents service.

With a super clean design by SystemCore, a great logo by designer Kitch and module development with our ECS partners Holbi, we are delighted to see It's Our List open its doors for business. We wish you well!


July 2011


WordCamp 2011. The UK’s largest WordPress conference


SystemCore were happy to attend the 2011 WordCamp, based this year at Portsmourth University. WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress, and attracts bloggers, designers, developers, code gurus, social media fans, startups, corporates, communications professionals and marketeers.

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress to power their websites, including global brands and organisations. Surrounded by a great development community, WordPress leads the way in Open Source, GPL software development.

It’s always good to put names to faces and our thanks go to the key organiser of this year’s event, Tony Scott, Mike Little a founding member of WordPress itself, and to the key contributors including Kimb Jones, John Read, Dave Coveney, Martin Beeby, John Adams, Paul Gibbs of BuddyPress and many others.


Microsoft chooses WordPress!

Notable at this year’s event was the attendance of Microsoft, with news that they have migrated literally millions of users over to WordPress from their old proprietary blogging platform. Telling news that WordPress, and the Open source movement in general, is in the ascendant.

Next year SystemCore plan to present a technical workshop on WordPress development for enterprise and the potential use of WordPress as a business applications development platform.



May 2011

SystemCore Mobile Apps - fun with Nokia’s Symbian^3 OS

Nokia E7 running SystemCore Apps for Symbian3    

Armed with a new E7 smartphone, it was time to spin up a couple of Symbian apps using the Ovi fast App Wizard.

Avaialble now is a handy duo of SystemCore applications...

"Live Hosting Status RSS" will update customers with system status updates on all our web hosting platforms - for both shared architecture and dedicated servers.

"SystemCoreUK Latest" is a simple app to push our latest Tweets to your Symbian device. Both apps will soon be avialable free via the Ovi store with "Live Hosting Status RSS" coming soon for the iOS and Android operating systems.

System Status RSS and Tweets    



May 2011

Stylechapel - for those who worship beautiful things


A new ECS ecommerce site goes live!

"Stylechapel showcases unique jewellery, creative fashion accessories and original products from new, emerging or just simply fabulous designers. Whether youÂ’'re after unusual gifts for yourself, for your friends or for your home, they offer the innovative and the individual".

With a great design from Kick Creative, and module development with our ECS partner Holbi, we are delighted to see Stylechapel open its doors for business. We wish you well!


March 2011

TFM&A and the Global Marketing Alliance...

The GMA at the TFM&A 2011    

SystemCore were again happy to attend this year’s TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) show at Earls Court, London. The show features key providers in the fields of direct, email and social marketing, SEO, SEM, CRM and CMS. Our visit was punctuated with regular and welcome stops at the GMA Lounge. The Global Marketing Alliance whom we proudly support and host, had sponsored a sit down and networking area on stand C12. This dead handy touch down and meeting area for GMA members was provided by Matt Edgar, (head of the GMA and Direct Marketing International). Thanks Matt - hope you had a good show.


February 2011

WordPress - data driven CMS for Northern Design Collective...


SystemCore were happy to launch a new website for design and marketing agency, Northern Design Collective.

The new site includes data driven content management based on the WordPress 3 platform, remote RSS aggregation, and Twitter and Flickr social networking feeds.

Northern Design Collective is an independent design and marketing agency, providing copywriting and ad design, campaign management, product launch, brand development and identity work. We were delighted to team with designers Kick Creative, and the directors of NDC itself in producing the new website.


January 2011

MailPro - a hit for GTV Sports UK ...

GTV Sports    

SystemCore are happy to provide email broadcast marketing and campaign tracking for GTV Sports as a managed service.

Since 1991 GTV Sports have been one of the leading distributors of Activewear in the UK and are devoted to the distribution of leisurewear and associated products to the print, embroidery and retail trades. Having been in the sportswear industry for over 30 years, offering leading quality branded T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Fleece Jackets, Childrens T-Shirts, Childrens Sweatshirts and Schoolwear, GTV now offer over 1,200 different product lines.


August 2010

Live and loaded - SystemCore MailProV3 is now available...

Representing a significant extension to our email broadcasting software, the new MailProV3 application adds a raft of new features for corporate class email campaign management. MailProV3 additions and enhancements include: custom online surveys; split campaign open and response testing; list segmentation management; dynamic 'subscriber specific' content insertion; Google Analytics integration; 'in-browser' email client testing; sophisticated trigger behaviors, WYSIWYG template editing and comprehensive campaign tracking and statistics.

For more details and upgrade information contact us at:

More information will be coming soon on our Campaign Management amd MailPro SaaS pages.




June 2010

SystemCore delivers professional networking for the GMA

A unique, international brand, the Global Marketing Alliance (GMA) is connecting the market with a world of benefits, enabling conversation among multi-national, like-minded business associates and providing top-level editorial coverage of news they can use and best-in-the-world commentary.

Membership of The Global Marketing Alliance allows privileged access to a senior marketing community.

Visit the Global Marketing Alliance    



May 2010

SystemCore delivers 'gorgeous' plasma and a new website for MediaLab

A unique blend of original animation, data driven content and fresh design is delivered for London marketing agency MediaLab Group Ltd.

MediaLab are a fully integrated direct marketing agency based in LondonÂ’s West End, offering clients a comprehensive range of targeted direct marketing data and fulfilment solutions. Our brief was to completely overhaul MediaLab's online presence with something that was clean, modern, functional and memorable.

Visit MediaLab Group    



January 2010

SystemCore delivers The Global Gateway to Marketing News

As part of our continuing work with Direct Marketing International, 2010 sees the relaunch of DMI-NEWS.COM.
The Global Gateway to Marketing News Powered by DMI Magazine is the international source for breaking marketing news. The site features time senistive global aggregated marketing RSS feeds, in addtion to stories directly from the News Desk of DMI Magazine.

Visit DMI-NEWS.COM    



September 2009

SystemCore-Webhosting - for our most popular hosting packages is a new simple stand alone site for our popular small business web hosting packages. A focused site and easy checkout allows our customers to buy a Linux or Windows web host package, register a domain name and add email accounts quickly and simply.

All hosting packages have free set up and are designed to meet the scalable needs of start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. We also provide business class emailboxes with webmail, and corporate class Hosted Microsoft Exchange email accounts.


Systemcore webhosting     Systemcore webhosting


August 2009

SystemCore supports the British Science Association

SystemCore are proudly supporting the British Science Festival this year with campaign management assistance, promotional HTML email design, broadcasting, tracking and measurement. The ‘Honesty Lab’ email campaign will reach over 50,000 people in the UK, and with luck will add significant and valuable data to the study.

We would particularly like to thank wrm-media global data brokers and Matt Edgar, publisher of the Direct Marketing International magazine, for all their help.

About the British Science Festival...

The British Science Festival is one of Europe’s largest science festivals, taking place each September. The Festival is in a different location in the UK each year, bringing visitors the latest in science, technology and engineering. The week long, jam-packed programme has loads of events for everyone. Each year thousands of people join in for talks, plays, debates, hands-on activities and more. This year the Festival is hosted by the University of Surrey in Guildford from 5-10 September with events taking place across Surrey.

More details can be found at:

The Honesty Lab campaign email   The British Science Association

About the Honesty Lab...

Contribute to the first ever international study to investigate public perceptions of dishonesty. The Honesty Lab will gather views to help answer the following questions:

  • Is there a common standard of honesty in society?
  • If there is not a common standard, are there any areas where people agree?
  • If there is a grey area, what factors explain the difference in views?
  • Can people distinguish between what is dishonest, dishonourable and immoral behaviour?

Take the Honesty Lab Test   Partners and Sponsors

Honesty Lab is a collaboration between the British Science Association and Brunel University Law School and sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council.

The British Science Association and ESRC support the Science: [So what? So everything] campaign.

The research is being led by social scientists Dr Stefan Fafinski and Dr Emily Finch at Brunel Law School.

The results of the Honesty Lab will be available at the British Science Festival in September.


For More details (and to Take the Test yourself) please visit:



June 2009

Ecommerce Supermarket launches at Business StartUp EXCEL London

SystemCore, together with our partner company Datalink UK, enjoyed a successful two days at the London EXCEL centre launching our joint venture ecommerce solution: EcommerceSupermarket.

EcommerceSupermarket ticks all the boxes for companies that need a professional online shop right now, with no fuss, simple online configuration, safe credit card checkout, transparent monthly rental charges, search engine optimisation (SEO), Sage integration, scalability and no long term contract.

More details can be found at:

EcommerceSupermarket stand EXCEL May 2009   EcommerceSupermarket stand EXCEL May 2009

The show was opened by the BBC Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Richard Farley, and attendance was good; our stand was very busy from the kick off. Manning the stand and presenting on the day, were ECS Directors: Rob Cain, Al Cain and Vadym Gurevych together with Alex Gritsenko, Nikki Gay and Sophie Peyton. Thanks to all for a great exhibition. There was a real buzz around the stand and our new service created much interest from new and growing companies looking for a simple, reliable and extensible ecommerce service.

EcommerceSupermarket stand EXCEL May 2009   ECS|Business STARTUP logo

Rob, Al and Vadym were also available during the show to offer one on one advice to new companies with specific smart marketing and e-marketing queries. The consulting booths were a great idea and we hope to have helped out some entrepreneurs along the way.

More details about the show and forthcoming events can be found at:


May 2009

A question of aspect: Switchable on demand .h264 MP4 video

SystemCore have produced a further web video solution for our moving image partners Focal Point Television. Focal Point produce high profile television programmes, documentaries, TV Ads, music videos and 3D graphics for many household names. Using Flowplayer, we have implemented a switchable aspect ratio, multi-instance player for their TV and 3D graphics examples pages.

FastStart .h264 video

Our implementation of Flowplayer had to address two common issues regarding online video:

  1. Videos of course, can differ in aspect ratio; we needed a player behavior that would spawn a suitable ratio playback window, either 4:3 or widescreen - and a simple configuration setting to trigger the appropriate type. Flowplayer, augmented with our own cross-browser JavaScript function call allows for the switch.

  2. The often overlooked issue in playback (without mounting video on a configured Flash or Red5 streaming server), is that of buffering or 'progressive download'. A normally rendered MP4 file will need to be downloaded in its entirety before playback, but encoding for 'fast-start' or 'progressive download' (a process we have got used to seeing on YouTube for example), allows for almost immediate playback while the rest of the video file continues to download in the background.

And the MP4 .h264 codec, as now supported by good old Flash, also allows for good quality video at modest file sizes in a player and plugin that are universally supported.


April 2009

SystemCore delivers integrated epublishing solution for DMI Magazine

This month saw the launch of DMIONLINE, the second of a trilogy of data driven sites for the Direct Marketing International Magazine, featuring deep content articles archives, site membership, innovative word cloud navigation and a powerful Editorial and contributor content management system. Visit the site here.

Vist the site



March 2009

SystemCore SEO Method exceeds targets in private client SEO

A recent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign for a confidential client achieved high global Google rankings for key phrase promotion, including a Google global postion one and Google global top five positions. The campaign focused on structural changes, content revisions, sector anlaysis and a responsible linking strategy.


January 2009

SystemCore delivers an ecommerce solution for the DMI Magazine

This month saw the launch of DMI Online Sales, an ecommerce site for the Direct Marketing International Magazine, featuring subscriptions purchases and additional product sales for the Direct Marketing Association. Visit the site here.

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DMI Online sales


September 2008

SystemCore enhances WordPress hosting packages

For the ever powerful and popular WordPress CMS and blogging application, we now have 3 flavours of WordPress hosting to suit all requirments and budgets. More inforamtion and pricing details will appear on our hostng page very soon:

3 flavours of powerful WordPress hosting:

More details coming soon...


More details coming soon...


More details coming soon...


August 2008

SystemCore Launches New WebMail

For users of SystemCore Standard or Advanced mailboxes SystemCore announce the launch our new enhanced Webmail service. New webmail adds significant extra functionality to our customers' webmail delivering great benefits to everyday usability.

New features at a glance:

  • New Sent mail folder - emails that you have sent via webmail will now be saved and organised!
  • Online Calendar - just like Outlook or Entourage, you can now store appointments in an online calendar within the application
  • Ability to create and manage you own online folders
  • Security - if you need extra strength security, you can select strong encryption for your webmail interface and emails
  • New IMAP support
  • Multiple interfaces to support all platforms and browsers

View the announcement online

Visit new WebMail

Visit new WebMail


Ask us about email services...

We can provide POP3/SMTP Business class email or Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes. Hit the enquiry button below... Enquire...


May 2008

Direct Marketing International Magazine chooses MailProV2

DMI magazine, the only global business title for direct and interactive marketers use MailProV2 for their international mid monthly News Updates.
MailProV2 subscriber control also handles all DMI's online registrations.

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DMI Online


March 2008

SystemCore articles featured by The Institute of Direct Marketing

Two SystemCore articles written originally for Direct Marketing International, are now included in the knowledge base of the IDM website. A link for IDM members can be found here.

Vist the site

Institute of Direct Marketing


March 2008 - The Knowledge Centre - Tech Times

SystemCore develop Part technical blog and part developer's resource, The Knowledge Centre will be a new source for technical discussion and essential links for coders. Also avialable at

Vist the site

The Knowledge Centre Tech Times


February 2008 - TV Video Services

SystemCore provide further online services for production company Focal Point Television, with additions to their successful customer Video Vaults service.


February 2008 - TFMA 2008

SystemCore were again happy to attend this year's TFMA (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) show at Earls Court, London. The show features key providers in the fields of email marketing, SEO, SEM, CRM, and CMS including the attendance of Google this year with a series of Google University SEM Master Classes.

Vist the TFMA site and view the video

TFMA Official Site


TFMA & DMI - Direct Marketing International

A sponsor of this year's show, Direct Marketing International Magazine (DMI), are also one of SystemCore's customers with whom we are preparing a re-launch of their DMI Online and DMI News websites in 2008.


January 2008 - MaiPro Epromotion and SaaS (Software as a Service)

SystemCore MailPro broadcasts the flagship edition of First Data's Middle East Executive Financial Briefing.

November 2007 - SystemCore produce specialist flash animations for Penna Recruitment Commiunications.

Once again we are delighted to have worked with Penna PLC to produce animated recruitment marketing solutions for their high profile clients.

September 2007 - SystemCore provide epromotion for First Data International, the world's largest provider of merchant processing services.

As a service for business relationship consutlancy Organizare, SystemCore have successfully coded, broadcast and measured First Data's September Quarterly Briefing using our new MailProV2 application. The project featured multiple language broadcasts (English, German & Greek) with multiple platform and email client support (Outlook | Lotus Notes | Entourage | MacMail | Blackberry | PC | MacOSX)

August 2007 - SystemCore epromotion techniques praised by 'Tech Blog'

Thanks to Imarstech for describing our emarketing at DMI Online as a 'Turn of Genius'.
Click here for more details ....

August 2007 - D.A.V.E. Advanced Webstats Analysis package now LIVE with online DEMO

D.A.V.E. is a powerful webware tool for monitoring, analyzing and performing statistics of the traffic to any website.
Click here for more details and to try our new online demo....

August 2007 - SystemCore MailPro V2 released!

Powerful, enterprise level, all-in-one email marketing just got better - provided as an end to end service for our customers, via customer's own online accounts or as installed software, MailPro V2 is now live... Click here for more details.

July 2007 - SystemCore add NHS GP surgeries to their client list...

SystemCore develop a patient facing website for the Border Pratice NHS GP surgery including SSL online security. Our next project with the practice will be the development of a surgery intranet to improve workflow and reduce paperwork.

April 2007 - SystemCore engage with Public Sector in Health Consultancy...

In a programme of ongoing work for the health sector, SystemCore deliver functional and interface database enhancements for the Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust. Our thanks to the Head of Vocational development for a great testimonial....

February 2007 - As seen on the BBC - SystemCore Sponsors a Trabant Team in the Plymouth-Dakar Rally...


Following sponsorship of a long haul 'Trabant' run, all the way to Banjul in The Gambia, our logo got a free airing the BBC website. The impressive drive in 'Trudi' was undertaken by Andrew Fuller and Simon Banwell - whom we thank for this photo. The car and team made it! Bloody well done we say.

January 2007 - SystemCore launch new website...

SystemCore launch our updated website featuring our very own 'KISS' Content Management framework based on php, java script, css, and Ajax.

Dec 2006 - SystemCore short listed for online awards...

For the second year in a row a SystemCore viral online game is shot listed for the Recruitment Industry Marketing Awards. Our 'Elfrunner' game was developed for Argos for their Xmas 2006 Recruitment campaign.

November 2006 - SystemCore breaks into TV...

SystemCore provide secure online streaming video vault for Focal Point Television utilising our new high bandwidth 10mbps un-throttled dedicated servers.

September 2006 -SystemCore upgrade dedicated servers for lightning fast websites...

Our new dedicated Linux servers offer unrivalled connectivity - plugged directly to the backbone of the internet, every server now enjoys a fully redundant Tier 1 connection mitigating any slow-down or service interruption for our customers. High bandwidth UK Data centres for lightning fast websites with 10mbps high speed data. We now also provide strong 256 bit SSL encryption from GeoTrust, supporting high turnover ecommerce sites.

May 2006 - DataLink UK Sales Partnership...

SystemCore become trusted partners with Datalink UK to provide connector software allowing sychronisation between ecommerce sites and proprietary accounting software, including Sage Line 50 and MYOB.

July / August 2005 - SystemCore go to Press...

SystemCore are asked to write two feature articles for Direct Marketing International Magazine. 'State of the Black Art' and 'A Winning Online Formula' are published in the July and August editions respectively.