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Integration is the process of bringing together several separate components to operate effectively as a single system.

We generally differentiate between Applications Integration and Enterprise Level Integration

Applications Integration

Within applications software development Applications Integration is the stage of the project where all the various pieces of writen copy, artwork, images and code modules are stiched together and tested as a single application.

Integration is carried out several times during the normal development cycle with ealier stages providing an opportunity to produce proof of concept prototypes for customer evaluation as well as to carry out important functional testing.

Enterprise Level Integration

Enterprise Level Integration is generaly a project or even programme in its own right which aims to get several independent business systems or processes working together in an automated way.

One of the ultimate objectives of Enterprise Integration projects is achieving Straight-through Processing; from customer selection of goods and services though to billing and fulfilment with the minimum necerssary human intervention.

Typically, such projects are undertaken in order to effect savings and efficiency within business processes. This means less human involvement in those tasks that should not or cannot be performed by people. Lower operating costs and overheads, faster response and fewer mistakes are the desired outcomes. Staff are left with more time to conentrate on tasks that do require innate human skills, such as customer relationship management, team management and creative acttivities and decision making.

Enterprise Integration projects have a significant impact on the way people work within the organisation. Its important therefore that planning takes account of human factors as well as just the technical goals.

SystemCore have extensive experience in managing Enterprise Integration projects within both corporate and smaller commercial environments. Whether it is implementing straight-though processes between legacy systems or constructing new online environments for your customers, staff and suppliers, we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

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