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ecommerce solutions

Online sales is one of the fastest areas of growth for nearly all industries, whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses.

If you aren't already selling online, then your competitors surely are. Increasingly customers would rather shop online and wait for the post than get in the car and trudge around the shops: The internet offers greater choice, more competitive prices and entails less effort.

Contrary to what many people might think, getting an online store up and running is no longer complicated, or expensive. A basic online store-front can be produced for under 1000, with everything you need to manage and sell your products and services online. Take a look through our portfolio section to see examples of some of the solutins we have produced for our customers.

Our ecommerce systems are based on the famous OSCommerce software platform which we provide in collaboration with our OSCommerce partners Holbi Ltd. OSCommerce provides a wide range of advanced, built on features as well as many specialised add-on modules for more specialised functions such as diferent payment and shipping methods, discount structures and reporting to name but a few. It supports multi-language and multi currency operation. Take a further look at some of the OSCommerce solutions, features and options, here...

We can even integrate it with your PC accounts software, warehousing operations and purchasing systems. The DataLink modules for example allows you to automatically synchronise your stock and order records with Sage accounting software; no more manual keying of product details and order details several times over, now it can all be managed once and from one place, streamlining your business operations.(Details here...)

To get your online store up and running you will need:

SystemCore can provide you with everything you need to start operating delivered under professional project management as a complete, working solution.

Make sure you stay ahead of the game and talk to us now about how we can generate revenue for you over the interweb and help streamline your business processes, affordably, reliably and securely.